Kensington pregnant pilates

Pregnancy Pilates in Kensington has gained popularity because of the support it gives mums-to-be. It helps them keep a physically healthy, fit and post-pregnancy body. It is one of the best exercises for women before, during and after pregnancy. But even if it's great for your body, you have to first check with your doctor if you can take exercise. Your doctor is the best person who knows about your health and the baby's, so you shouldn't take any chances.
Once you get your doctor's green signal, then it's safe for you to enjoy and reap the rewards of this exercise. Since it's very adaptable, you can modify it to suit your body changes and needs. Here are some of its benefits:
Builds core strength and flexibility
Tones abdominals, back, and pelvic/Kegel muscles which will support a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery
Helps mums get their pre-pregnancy figures back easily
Eases the strain on your pelvic muscles as the baby grows, creating more room for the baby within the body
Relaxes the tissues or ligaments that connect your bones to avoid overstretching and injuring yourself
Strengthens tummy, back, and pelvic muscles without straining the joints
Strengthens transverse abdominus muscles (which is what you use to push during labour) for a smooth delivery and faster recovery after giving birth
Relieves common pregnancy pains and discomforts, such as backache, thoracic pain, sciatica, ligament pain, spasms, cramps, etc.
Helps in improving breathing techniques which can be very helpful during the last trimester, labour and childbirth
Increases body awareness and concentration
Improves body posture and lung capacity
Develops better, graceful and precise control of specific and intentional movements
But if you're new to Pilates, make sure you find a qualified instructor to guide you through the exercises. You shouldn't practise it on your own without previous knowledge of the fundamentals because you might be risking your health and the baby's as well. Kensington pilates are beneficial to the mother and child if done properly - shouldn't be overdone or become too strenuous. Be sensible when doing this workout; safety is still a priority so you can achieve its optimal advantage.
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